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Drop Bear Turns Two!

Drop bear founders image
Well hello there! I guess before I expect you to read this super interesting blog post, it would only be polite to tell you who you’re speaking to…

I’m Joelle Drummond, one of the Co-Founders of Drop Bear Beer Co.


Sarah McNena (Drop Bear’s other Co-Founder) and I met during a gap year in Australia, and little did I know that when I met this small but feisty woman, that we would go on to create a multi million pound business. 
New to Drop Bear? Nice to meet you! Returning? Welcome back!!
It’s our 2nd Birthday this week and I thought we could do with a little reminiscing of the past two years of our Drop Bear world.
The idea for Drop Bear Beer Co. was born in October 2019 when we tried home brewing in our kitchen in South Wales, UK, having been frustrated with the lack of non-alcoholic craft beer on the market at the time (we’re big craft beer fans!). After much experimentation (those stories are for another time!) we decided we were on to something special. We launched to the world in May 2020 and are now known as the UK’s top rated specialist brewer of alcohol-free craft beers, some even say we make the best alcohol free beers in the world. Now I may be biased, but I totally agree!
I don’t get a lot of time to stop and reflect but when I do I am SO proud of so many things we have achieved. Every time I see someone enjoying or talking about enjoying a Drop Bear Beer, or watch our growing team sitting and working together I think wow…we made this. We literally made a brand, products, and employment opportunities, all from a conversation in our living room. It’s crazy!
I have many memories I could share, but my funniest (and most embarrassing!) has to be when I smashed half a pallet of beer the moment I arrived at the Brew LDN expo in 2020. It very quickly created a river of Bonfire Stout throughout an entire hall and drew much attention to my shocking pallet driving skills. On the bright side, I’m sure everyone there at that moment remembers Drop Bear!!

Drop Bear's 2 Year Journey


So what does the future look like for Drop Bear?
So bright you really should wear sunglasses if you plan on looking at it directly On a serious note though, more people behind the brand, more award winning products, the biggest alcohol free brewery in the UK…world domination basically! Whatever we do, and however big we grow, we’ll always pride ourselves on being a brand with real values, a brand that is fun but that also really cares. I seriously can’t wait to unveil our brewery to the world and reveal all the cool things we have planned with that.
To finish, here’s my life with Drop Bear in 3 words…
Non-stop, learning, excitement!
Have you tried Drop Bear? I’d love your 3 words on your Drop Bear experience!! Just drop it in our comments below!

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