What is ‘yuzu’ and why is it in my non alcoholic beer?

Hell bent on creating exciting non alcoholic beers, Drop Bear was the first alcohol free brewery to showcase the intriguing yuzu fruit in our Yuzu Pale Ale. We didn’t want to create just another run of the mill non alcoholic pale ale…

So what exactly is it?

Originating in China, the yuzu fruit is now grown throughout Japan and Korea. Visually it looks like a lemon that has fallen off of the back of a lorry…but darn it tastes good.

Its tart and fragrant flavour resembles a mixture of lemon, lime, and grapefruit. It’s initially quite an unusual flavour for the British palate but its undeniably refreshing. The popularity of this beer has led us at Drop Bear to refer to this beer as the grower…*inappropriate laughter*

This fruit is so popular in East Asia that people even bathe in it! Beer bath anyone?

The addition of the yuzu fruit into our non alcoholic Yuzu Pale Ale allows for a really interesting and refreshing beer. The tart citrus notes are accentuated by the American hops but balanced out by smooth caramel and toffee notes from the British malt base.

So there ya’ have it, funny looking but tasty as anything, the yuzu fruit in our non alcoholic pale ale is fruity, tart, and balanced.

No baby sucking on a lemon face here!

Want to try for yourselves? Find out more here.