The start of something epic…

So this is it guys, we are LIVE on Crowd Cube for 30 days. Our investment campaign has officially begun!

From 20 hour days of brewing away in our kitchen and strategy planning, to becoming an award-winning company with two epic alcohol-free craft beers (very soon to be three), we are ready for this…it’s time to level up!

Whether it’s £10 or £10,000+ you can own a part of the UK’s only customer-owned alcohol-free beer company. Why just buy a beer when you can own a part the company? Now that’s something to brag about down the pub, don’t ya’ think?

So get on with it! Call your friends, write to your Nan, confide in your cactus if that’s your thing (hey we don’t judge!) This is a moment to remember…the beginning of something epic, will you be a part of it?

Don’t miss your chance, check out our Crowdcube Page now

Capital at risk.

Thank you for your support, cheers to an awesome campaign together!

Joelle Drummond & Sarah McNena
Co-Founding Directors