It’s International IPA Day! Hear what the experts think about ours…

As the UK’s top rated brewer of non alcoholic craft beers it’s no surprise that our Tropical IPA recently won gold and the title of ‘Best IPA’ at the inaugural Imbibe Low & No Awards. Hoppy, tropical, and packing a punch, read the judges comments below.

“Good example of an IPA with well-rounded and balanced flavours which were not too hoppy or full on. Lovely malty and chocolate notes.”

“Very smart for a no / low beer.”

“Long, bitter, herbs and hops finish. I really like how this develops and changes on the palate.”

“Interesting colour, roasty and malty but also with some fruit and pineapple.”

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Like the entire Drop Bear range, our Tropical IPA is low calorie, vegan, and gluten free.