How is alcohol free beer made?

It’s the age long question isn’t it? How is alcohol free beer made? Is it even really beer?

The short answer is yes it is, at least here at Drop Bear Beer Co.

First of all it starts at the drawing board…Our team of dedicated alcohol free brewing experts sport over 60 years brewing experience and a thirst for innovation. We don’t want to brew just any old alcohol free beer, we want to brew the best and we certainly believe that the craft of brewing should be championed, no matter the ABV.

We take the finest natural ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years; water, malt, hops, yeast, and utilise these in a traditional brewing process. We carefully monitor temperatures and sugar levels to ensure that these beers never ferment to over 0.5% ABV.

Wait…if they’re traditionally brewed then how are they vegan AND gluten free? Well unlike many other alcohol free brewers, we don’t add in lactose and we use vegan friendly filters so that our beers are suitable for vegans. Our range is naturally below 10ppm (legal threshold to be called gluten free is 20ppm).

There are of course other ways to make alcohol free beer; heat extraction, reverse distillation etc. but we know that the best non alcoholic beers are brewed our way. Brewed the way beer should be brewed.

No weird equipment , no alcohol removal, no funny business! Just real beer, brewed as it should be, just without the alcohol.

Don’t just take our word for it though. We’re the UK’s top rated brewer of non alcoholic beers and European Champions of alcohol free brewing with over 10 medals to our name.