Brewers of the UK’s top rated non alcoholic stout

The process of creating our third alcohol free beer, the Bonfire Stout wasn’t an easy one. We brew traditionally, the only major change being the size of the grain bill e.g low fermentability wort. As a beer style, stouts rely heavily on the malts so reducing the malt very quickly raised the question…

How do we brew a stout traditionally without adding lactose (hell no sister) whilst achieving a great flavour at 0.5% ABV?


Well we can’t give away all of our secrets of course! The trick is brew, brew, and brew some more. We didn’t stop until we were 100% happy and it shows! Essentially a mixture of tradition, innovation, and the finest ingredients led us to success.

Our Bonfire Stout provides flavours of smoke, dark chocolate, and coffee. With a coffee coloured foamy head, this ale provides a complexity not often found in non alcoholic beers. Oh yes, and did we mention it’s vegan and gluten free? Perfect!

This stout is proof that hard work pays off as since its launch in November 2019, it has been the UK’s top rated alcohol free stout on the UK’s largest craft beer reviewing platform, Untappd.

If you haven’t tried it yet then let us say that you are definitely missing out! Grab a few bottles from our Amazon Store and let us know how much you love it!