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Beer and a Barbie!

yuzu pale ale at bbq image

Well the Summer is FINALLY here in the U.K. and it’s got us thinking what a truly awesome pairing beer and BBQs are… or should we say, beer and ‘barbies’?! 



Yes! We think there’s nothing better than lighting up a barbie and cracking open a refreshing alcohol-free Drop Bear Beer . We can just see the beads of condensation dripping down the side of the glass as we take the perfect craft beer sip (ahhh!) and try to dodge the smoke blowing in our eyes from the barbie! 

On that note, we assumed that the Aussie in the Team must have the best barbeque knowledge, so, as well as teaching us the legend of the Drop Bear which inspired our award-winning brand, we naturally decided to ask Sarah (our Australian Co-Founder) all about Australian barbies…

Growing up in Australia, how often did you light up the ‘barbie’?

Sarah McNena - Co-Founder of Drop Bear Beer Co.

Growing up in Oz the barbie was a staple, particularly in the summer and on the weekends, we would have at least one barbecue a week.

We wanna know the lingo! BBQ = barbie, but are there any other BBQ related Aussie words or sayings we should know about?

Oh yes! I think the most important one to know is ‘sausage sizzle’ – this is a right of passage for all Australians! It’s basically sausages on the BBQ which are then eaten in a single slice of white bread (if you eat it with brown bread you are not Australian) and occasionally served with BBQ’ed onions (if you’re feeling exotic) and topped with tomato sauce. You can always find a sausage sizzle outside Bunnings (the Aussie B&Q) or when exercising your democratic rights every election. Honestly I think people are more excited about having a sausage sizzle than voting! Also, another important part of the lingo is ‘snag’ which is Australian for sausage.

What’s are your ‘Top Tips’ to nailing the perfect BBQ?

For me, the perfect barbie is all about making sure you’ve got a good variety of food and staying hydrated (Drop Bear Beer’s a perfect choice!) – especially in the heat of the Australian summer! My fave combination of food is veg and tofu skewer, plant based snags, and plant based hamburgers – all with fried onions of course!

What’s your fave BBQ food to pair with our deliciously refreshing Drop Bear Beer? 

Yuzu Pale Ale with a BBQ


I think it would have to be marinated tofu skewers with cherry tomatoes, red onion, zucchini, capsicum and mushrooms. This would pair so nicely with the fresh and citrusy flavours of the Yuzu Pale Ale – I could easily go through a couple of Yuzu’s just cooking it all up! 



So there ya’ have it! The Aussie barbie knowledge we all needed in our lives. 

If that hasn’t left your mouth watering for a good ol’ BBQ with our award-winning alcohol-free craft beer (which is vegan and gluten-free too!) we’re not sure what will! So what are ya’ waiting for? Head to our online store to buy our beers today, send ya’ invites out and get the barbie going this weekend! 


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