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Yuzu, Pale Ale, non alcoholic beer vegan gluten free, low alcohol drinks
Tropical IPA brewed by Drop Bear Beer Co, alcohol free beer, vegan and gluten free, alcohol free beer
Bonfire Stout, non alcoholic dark beer, by Drop Bear vegan and gluten free, alcohol free beer
non alcoholic beer vegan and gluten free, alcohol free beer

Dropping the Alcohol
Perfecting the Craft

Drop Bear Beer Co. is the UK's top rated brewer of non alcoholic beers.



With over 60 years brewing experience behind us, producing multi award winning alcohol free beers is just what we do!

Traditionally brewed, our non alcoholic beer is real beer, just without the alcohol. We believe great beer should be accessible to all, that's why we've made sure every single beer we ever brew is natural, vegan friendly, gluten free, and low calorie.

Beer judges, geeks, and aficionados from around the world reckon Drop Bear is the best alcohol free beer, we reckon it's time ya' find out why...



Sure each beer is vegan friendly and gluten free, but did you know that they're also naturally super low calorie AND low in sugar?

Our award winning beers contain 80% less calories  and 1733% less sugar than other alcohol free beers...crazy right?

It gets crazier...our beers contain 305% less calories  and 3700% less sugar than alcoholic beers.


REAL BEER 0.5% abv

Great tasting beer doesn't need alcohol to have fun, we're living proof of that. 

Water, malts, hops, yeast...no funny business!

Brewed with the same four simple ingredients that have been used for centuries, our non alcoholic beers wanna taste great AND make ya' feel great. 

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