Dropping the Alcohol,
not the flavour

Drop Bear Beer Co. are committed to
creating revolutionary craft beers below 0.5% ABV.


Droppingthe ABV.Perfectingthe craft

We do what we want when we want.

We aren’t scared to push the boundaries and we say what we think.

We care about people and we certainly care about beer, especially the crafty kind.


It's onthe loose

WILD, rebellious, and packing a ‘tude. Drop bears might not be real, but epic low abv beer certainly is. 100% natural, it’s just real beer, brewed as it should be, no additives or funny business required.

EACH crafty bottle is on a mission to disrupt the industry, living proof that real beer doesn’t need alcohol to have fun. Don’t just take our word for it, grab a drink and join the Drop Bear revolution!



The start of something epic…

So this is it guys, we are LIVE on Crowd Cube for 30 days. Our investment campaign has officially begun! From 20 hour days of...
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Dropping the gluten, not the flavour!

After a long discussion at the brewery, it was concluded that Drop Bear Beers were probably already naturally gluten free. We had to be sure...
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Drop Bear at Parliament

Drop Bear Beer Co. joined Club Soda and other producers of alcohol free craft beers at the House of Commons, yesterday 26th June 2019. Just...
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