Drop Bear vs Teemill Sustainable Beer Merch

Your T-Shirt is made with cow poo!!!!

Now that we have your attention, read more about the latest step that we have taken at Drop Bear as part of our pledge towards sustainable trading.

Here at Drop Bear we fully believe that businesses of any shape, size, and nature have a responsibility to work towards operating ethically and sustainably. Since our launch in 2019 we have been using renewable energy resources to operate our business and the start of 2020 saw us begin to plant 12 trees per employee per month and sponsor renewable energy projects globally thanks to our partnership with Offset Earth. Moving forward, we wanted to continue this commitment and do more.

That’s why the decision to team up with sustainable t-shirt makers, Teemill to produce our merchandise was a no brainer. We could talk for days about how great these guys are but below are a couple of key points to sum up their supply chain:

Organic Farming using co planting, insect traps, and cow poo rather than fertilisers and pesticides
Zero waste cotton processing
Drinkable ‘waste’ water from the dyehouse that is reused
Renewable energy supply chain
Real time printing minimising waste
Plastic free packaging
Circular economy designed to recycle old t-shirts into new ones

You can read all about this in more detail https://teemill.com/the-journey/

So next time you put on your Drop Bear T-shirt and think “wow this is so soft!” you can rest easy knowing that it’s because absolutely nothing nasty has gone into it and the people who made it were treated fairly.

Now we can raise a beer to that! Want to try one on yourself? Take a look here.