Does alcohol free beer contain less calories than alcoholic beer?

We all know the term ‘beer belly‘ and at approximately 150 calories per alcoholic beer, a session up the pub or a few in front of the TV can soon add up. Obviously as humans we consume calories from many different sources and the alcohol from beer can’t take all the blame. What’s undeniable, however, is that when our liver is burning alcohol, it’s not burning fat and that contributes to the good ole’ beer belly.

Based on this, it would be easy to assume that alcohol free beers are a godsend for our waistlines. How wonderful to imagine a scenario where you can throw back a six pack a night and end up looking like Chris Hemsworth.

Haha, no…

It’s true that in general, due to the lack of alcohol, alcohol free beers are lower in calories compared to their alcoholic counterparts. These non alcoholic beers aren’t always as low calorie as you may think, however…

“But if there’s basically no alcohol, where are the calories coming from?”

In a nutshell, if your alcohol free beer is higher in calories, it’s higher in sugar.

“Where is this sugar coming from?”

Keep an eye out for alcohol free beers that contain additives such as maltodextrin or lactose, and beers that haven’t been fermented. We won’t go into too much detail here but in summary, all of these are highly processed, cause higher sugar and therefore calorie content and what’s worse, evidence suggests that these additives can cause health issues such as disrupted gut bacteria and IBS.

Worry not reader, there is hope yet. Not all alcohol free beers contain maltodextrin, lactose, or tons of sugar. Many non alcoholic beers are significantly lower in sugar and calories, take Drop Bear for example!

Our Tropical IPA and Yuzu Pale Ale are currently the lowest calorie non alcoholic beers on the market at just 21-25 calories and 0.33g of sugar per 330ml bottle…now that’s low!

“How so low?!”

We keep the sugar and calories low by refusing to use additives and ensuring that our beer undergoes a full, traditional brewing and fermentation process. This ensures that we don’t add in any sugar or leave any residual sugars behind.

To conclude, alcohol free beers are generally lower in calories than alcoholic beers, by how much depends on your choice of non alcoholic beer though.

Look, we can’t 100% guarantee that you’ll look like Chris Hemsworth, but we can guarantee that if ever there was a beer to give you a fighting chance, this is it!

Now can we get a hell yeah?!