It's pretty simple really, from 1st November 2021 until 1st January 2022 we're planting one tree for every order we receive on our Webshop.

This is one of our busiest times of the year and we want to make sure that we're continuing to use our business as a force for good and giving back in a way that benefits everyone.


If you know us then you know our mission...


"Brew the best alcohol free craft beers and help build a better world in which to drink it"


We’re in a climate emergency right now. Experts state that we're on track for an increase of between 3°C and 4°C by 2100. And these are only global average temperatures. At the poles and over land (where people live), the increase may be higher – possibly even double.


The UK government has set a target of becoming carbon net zero by 2050, meaning we need to remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as we're producing...to do that we need trees and we need them fast. Climate change is a serious and complex issue with trees forming only part of the solution. However, the Woodland Trust names trees as our most powerful weapon and calculates that 400+ tonnes of C02e could be locked up per hectare of a young wood. The bottom line is we need more trees and to protect those that currently exist.


We've already planted over 800 trees as a company but that's not enough. Join us this festive period on our mission to make the world a bit better than how we found it and enjoy an award winning alcohol free beer whilst you're at it!

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth